Screen Printing

Screen Printing is the tried & true method for cost effectively decorating bulk quantities of apparel.  Perfectly suited for brilliant prints on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hundreds of other apparel options.  All of our printing is handled in-house on state of the art equipment which enables us to guarantee the quality of every shirt we print.  While the general process remains the same we offer a wide range of specialty printing and product finishing options to give your shirts a unique visual impact.  If there is a specific technique you don't see listed below please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to find a solution.


Standard screen pritning

  • Price: $

  • Minimum Quantity: 12

This is the most common printing technique using standard plastisol inks.  The result are bold and vibrant colors that can be accurately matched to any color sample or specific pantone swatch on any garment color.  Plastisol inks are 100% phthalate free and hold up to vigorous washings. Even though they are very durable our prints have an extremely soft feel thanks to our high quality screens and expert printing technique.  You won't feel like you are wearing a sheet of plastic like low end print shops produce.


water-based printing

  • Price: $$

  • Minimum Quantity: 48

Water-based inks have had a resurgence in recent years due to their unique ability to create an extremely soft and almost vintage looking print.  Popular in retail apparel lines and the entertainment industry water-based prints instantly give your shirt that comfortable and  worn in look.  The compromise is color accuracy. Since these inks are less opaque than plastisol they work best on light shirt colors where an exact ink color match is not critical to the design.


discharge printing

  • Price: $$$

  • Minimum Quantity: 48

For a similar feel to water-based prints on dark shirts we offer discharge printing.  Unlike plastisol inks which require a layer of white to be printed underneath lighter inks in order to be vibrant, discharge inks have a special bleaching property that removes the dye of the shirt as the print cures. The result is an ultra soft print with relatively accurate color matching on most dark shirts. Discharge inks only work on 100% cotton garments and color accuracy may vary if printing on multiple shirt colors.


4 color process printing

  • Price: $$

  • Minimum Quantity: 24

4 color process or "CMYK" printing is a great solution for full color graphics on white shirts. Instead of mixing inks and making a separate screen for every color in the design this process allows cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks to print wet on wet and blend together to create the full color spectrum.  While this process does reproduce photos and fine art remarkable well, it does lack saturation of solid blocks of color. Additional screens and inks  may require to accurate match  some. colors.


simulated process printing

  • Price: $$$$

  • Minimum Quantity: 48

Similar to 4 color process printing, simulated process printing allows for full color reproduction on all shirt colors.  Normally requiring 8-9 screens / inks, simulated process printing is able to hold an extremely high level of detail as well as strikingly vibrant and accurate colors.   From a production standpoint this process is very challenging for many shops to execute properly, however we do it every day. With over 20 years of experience setting up simulated process designs our staff welcomes the challenge.


specialty inks

  • Price: $ - $$$$

  • Minimum Quantity: 12

Need a little extra flair in your design. We offer a wide variety of specialty inks to make you shirts dazzle. Popular options include:

  • Glow in the Dark

  • Neons / Fluorescent

  • Distressed

  • Foils

  • Simulated Flock

  • Metallic Gold & Silver

  • Crystalina / Sparkle

  • Suede

  • High Density / Puff

  • Reflective


screen printed transfers

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hea tpress numbers.jpg

custom names and numbers

  • Price: $

  • Minimum Quantity: 12

Our Cad-cut vinyl and automatic heat presses allow us to personalize you garments with custom names or numbers. Great for team jerseys or work uniforms. Our in-house production allows us unlimited fonts, colors  and  creativity in design that your average sporting goods store can't provide.

custom printed tags.jpg

Private label printed tags

  • Price: $

  • Minimum Quantity: 24 / Size

Are you starting a retail line and want to set your products apart from the competition?  Custom printed tags are a great way to elevate the quality of your garments and promote your brand.  We remove the manufacturers tag and replace with a custom designed print including your logo, sizing, country of origin and any other personal treatments you chose to include.

single fold.jpg

single folding & poly-bagging

  • Price: $

  • Minimum Quantity: 48

Normally shirts are folded by size in bundles of twelve, but a great way to keep your order organized and easy to hand out is with single folding and poly-bagging.  Each shirt will be individually folded and heat sealed in a clear bag.  Size labels come standard but we can also print and apply labels with your groups individual names and sizes for simplified distribution. 


Labels & hangtags

  • Price: $

  • Minimum Quantity: 12

For retail and licensed products we offer the application of custom printed  labels and  hang tags.  Whether you need barcodes for inventory tracking, holograms for security or hangtags for brand awareness we've got you covered. You are welcome to supply you own labels and tags or we can design and print them to suite your specific needs.

box 2.jpg

Custom printed boxes

  • Price: $

  • Minimum Quantity: please contact us for more information

Another great way to showcase your brand is with custom printed boxes. From retail packaging to wholesale cases we can provide just about any size and material. There are too many options to list so please contact us for more information.


contract screen printing

  • Price: $

  • Minimum Quantity: 72

Contract screen printing is a service reserved for business that require a high volume of printed goods and are able to source their own garments and supply print ready art.  In exchange we offer a discounted price structure for this streamlined service.  If this fits your needs please contact us and we can provide you with a price sheet and more information on our production policies.